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This memorial website was created in the memory of Shawn Michael Sebastian who was born in Hayward, California on March 20, 1966 and passed away at Bethel Island, California on January 17, 2012 at the age of 45. We will love & remember him forever.

Shawn was 6' 2" tall with blue eyes. He had a wonderful smile & a mischievious twinkle in his eyes. He was gentle and kind. He liked to get along with everyone and avoided confrentations. He wanted a peaceful life and the love of his family & friends.


ANY PHOTOS OF LOVED ONES PASSED CAN BE ADD TO THE ALBUM "THOSE IN SPIRIT (loved & not forgotten)" I want to remember & pay tribute to those that are with Shawn in spirit.


I pray you are at peace, surrounded by loved ones that have crossed over to the light. I think of you as riding your motorcyle & playing your quitar with gods angels. Love you, Mom.


MOTORCYLE MANIA. Shawn bought two motorcyle in 2010, a red Kawasaki Ninja 250R and a few months later a 2009 green Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. He wanted more power after he was biten by the need for speed. He rode around the foothills of the Sierras when he lived in Escalon and after moving to Bethel Island rode around the Mount Diablo area. He mounted a camera on his motorcyle to record his rides and re-live the experience when he got home. His frequent passenger was Godzilla holding the American Flag.

GUITAR HERO. He loved to play his quitars and make his own recordings on his mixer. Shawn took up the guitar in high school, had a few lessons, but preferred to learn on his own. He would play in his room until all hours. I would knock & put his dinner at his bedroom door. He didn't even want to stop playing his guitar to come down & eat. His brother Shane say he used to play the Top Gun Theme on his quitar all the time and quitaritst Joe Santorini was his fav.

ANIMAL LOVER. Over the years Shawn had many pets that he loved. The last two that won his heart are a Siamese/Burmese cat named Monkey and a one eyed Golden Labrador Retriever named Cyclops (Cy for short)

BABY SHAWN. He was a happy baby with a wonderful smile & an infectious laugh. It was hard to get mad at him because most everything he did seemed funny to me. He was challenge to keep up with and always suprised me with his antics

THE RAT CAT STORY. Nancy (his fiance) and I went to a cat show at the Pleasanton Fair Grounds. Shawn told her to pick up a nice little kitten while we were there. Nancy fell in love with this skinny little kitten that had no hair and cost $500. I thought to myself I don't think this is what Shawn had in mind. We brought the cat home to their apartment in a covered carrier. Shawn ran out to meet us and was all excited to see the new kitten. When Nancy took the cover off the crate Shawn jumped back and said what in the hell is it?  Nancy told him how much the cat cost and Shawn said it would probably be an expensive dinner for their other big cat, because it would think it was a big juicy rat and eat it. Well, after the cat grew some hair and filled out a little, it turned into a beautiful exotic cat. Monkey was very affectionate & of course Shawn fell in love with their Monkey cat.

KITTENS ON A RAFT. When Shawn was about three we lived at the Gra-Mar apartments in Fremont. The apartment complex had a play area with a slide and an empty swimming pool that had some rain water in it and was not fenced in. Our cat had a litter of kittens that Shawn loved to play with. One day Shawn went missing along with some of the kittens. I went looking for him and found them all by the pool. He had put the kittens on pieces of wood and they were floating around on their little rafts in the middle of the shallow pond, afraid to get off into the water. I had to wade out to rescue them.

SNAKE DOWN THE SLIDE.  The pets we had at that time were a cat & a snake. One day when I was upstairs cleaning I heard the glass slider downstairs open & saw Shawn getting the snake out of his cage. I yelled at him to stop, he looked up at me and laughed, opened the gate and started running toward the playground holding the snake by the tail. As he ran the snakes head was hitting the ground, It was a funny but horrifying site. I ran downstairs & to the playground. Shawn had climbed to the top of the slide and was putting the snake down the slide. I guess he wanted a show the snake a good time.

SNAKE SCARE. Several weeks later a friend of ours was visiting with us at our kitchen table. He was a big rough & tumble kind of guy. Shawn went out back to bring the snake in to show him. This guy took one look at the snake, screamed and jumped on top of our kitchen table. It was the funniest thing to see this little boy holding the snake & the big guy on top of the table screaming. How embarrasing!

FAST FOOD. Shawn loved food. The first time I fed him solid food he almost inhaled it. If I didn't shovel it in fast enough he would start to cry. My mother thought he would choke because he literally sucked the food down.

FURRY FOOD. When he was a toddler playing in the back yard I noticed him brushing his tonque with his hand. I went to investigate and found 1/2 of a fuzzy catapiller. I had to watch him like a hawk because he would also sneak into the garage and eat the cat food.

CONNOISSEUR OF FOOD.Thank god when he grew up his eating habits changed. He was very discriminating with what he eat. He took a long time to finish a meal. He would smell the food, look at it and eat slowly savoring every bite. I loved to watch him eat.

MONKEY POND INCIDENT. When he was about 3 years old I took Shawn to the Oakland Zoo. There was petting Zoo area with baby animals. He was so excited running all over petting the animals. Then he spotted the monkeys on an island in the middle of a slimy, dirty, green pond. He bolted for the monkeys. I managed to grab the back of his jacket as he tripped over the edge of the pond and pulled him up   just as his face grazed the water. I was horrified and rushed him to the doctors. I was afraid he might get sick from the contamined water, but he was fine & none the worse for wear. He was a tough kid.

CHEF OF THE MESS. As a teenager he started cooking french fries for snacks after school. I noticed when I came home from work there where a few potatoe peels on the floor. I told him if he cooked he had to make sure he cleaned up the mess. I found  potatoe peels on the floor again and forbid him to cook anymore french fries. For several days the floor stayed clean and then potatoe peels appeared again. I asked him if he was cooking fries and he said no he was cooking potatoe chips. As an adult he enjoyed cooking for other people as well as himself. I think he would have been a great chef.

THE LAYERED LOOK. I started work very early in the morning so Shawn had to get himself ready for school. When I came home form work one day I noticed he had on a dirty T-shirt that he had worn for several days. I told him when I came home from work I wanted to see a clean T-shirt on him everyday. Several days later I noticed his shirt was clean but looking kind of lumpy. I took a closer look and saw he had been putting a clean T-shirt over the top of the other ones. I think he started the layered look.

TWO SHOE SHAWN. My mother took turns taking my sons to the Raider games. One time at the game she noticed Shawn was limping, looking at his shoes she saw he had on a tennis shoe on one foot & a dress shoe with a higher heel on the other foot. She asked why he did that and he said he couldn't find their mates and didn't want to miss the game so he wore what he could find.

SPORTS WAS HIS THING. Shawn was well co-ordinated and had an intuitive ability that made all sports easy for him. He seamed easy going until he was playing a sport, then he became hyper alert, aware of everything going on around him, it seemed like he had eyes in the back of his head.

WANABE BASEBALL PRO. Baseball was his favorite sport to play. They said he could have been a pro. Shawn was a valued pitcher. I remember one game in particular that ran over. I told the coach that Shawn had a dental appointment and I had to take him out of the game. The coach panicked and said I couldn't take him out because the oher pitcher couldn't hold the other team from scoring, but Shawn could. I left him in the game.

Another time I was in the stands and I overheard two dads talking about how great the pitcher (my Shawn) was. They continually watched him and comented on his pitches and how he fast he reeled around throwing to 2nd base getting the runner out as the runner inched of the base  to steal third. He seemed to be in tune to everything around him. They said he was amazing for his age and if he continued they thought he had the potential to be a pro. Shawn told me many times he regretted that he had not continued with baseball & tried out for the pro's.

NO TACKLE FOOTBALL. When he was old enough to sign up he couldn't wait to play football like his brother had. He played one season & told me he wanted to quit. I asked why? He said he thought it would be fun to tackle the other kids, but he did'nt like being tackled and he hadn't thought of that.

SHAWN'S ICE CAPADES. His cousin Ricky had been taking ice hockey lessons and invited Shawn to the ice rink to show him how to skate. Shawn picked it up in nothing flat and by the end of the day was skating as well as Ricky, diving on the ice, skating backwards and having a ball. He was a natural.

TENNIS ANYONE. Tennis was a game he also played for awhile and was good at.

CHESS CLUB. In junior high he played chess and joined the chess club.

UNUSUAL READING FOR A TEEN. Shawn had an inguisitive mind. In his teens he read Omni & National Geographic magazines. He loved maps, geography and history. He was my navigator at an early age. He would remember directions, streets and landmarks before he could read. He didn't get it from me, I used to get lost easily. Thank god for my navigation system.

THE ENTREPENEAR. Shawn like to make a buck. He obtained a huge amount of habitrail connections he bought at a garage sale and started to raise mice for pet stores. He had a habitrail maze all around his bedroom. One evening in his room he had taken some baby mice out of their cage to play with. Shane opened Shawns door & threw our cat in. I heard yelling & screaming as the mayham comenced. It was never a dull moment with the brothers.

HE MARCHED TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER. He was a night person & in high school would stay up late playing his quitar and most often did not get to school on time. He would not dress for gym class even through he was good at sports because he thought it was dumb.

SCHOOL WAS NOT FOR SHAWN. Shawn was very intelligent but he thought school was a waste of time. He would stay home if he had a toe ache. I would get many calls at work asking why Shawn was not in school today. I would call home, wake him up, chew him out and tell him to get his butt to school. In his senior year I was called in for a conference because he was missing so much school. They wanted to transfer him to a continuation school that was geared for problem students. The principles and counselers of both schools were at the meeting with us. Shawn did not hesitate to tell them that he did not feel that type of environment would be of any benefit to him. They acknowleded he was not a trouble maker and after hearing him eloquently present his case. They said it was obvious after talking to him he was very intellegent and they realized he was bored with school. He opted to drop out school and go once a week to a teacher that would give him his assignments to complete at home. I was worried that he would not discipline himself to get the work done. He surprised me and completed his assignments, took his GED and passed. The public school system did not work for him.

SHAWNS HVAC REPUTATION. After passing his GED he held several entry level jobs dead end jobs. He decided to go to a trade school to become a heating & air condition technician. When he moved to Escalon he got a job with Sawyers Heating & Air Conditioning Service, and began to make big bucks. He was a great tech & even better salesmen. Other companys approached him to offer him jobs. One company told him he had an excellent reputation and was well known in the industry for his tech skills & sales ability. They said his sales numbers were at the  top in the nation.


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My Son It is 4 days until one year that you have been gone. Each night as my mind wanders I sadly remember that you were with us a year ago. I miss hearing your voice. I wish I could see you, hug you and tell you I love you once more. I pray you are...  Continue >>
In my dreams   / Shannon Walz (Niece)
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